Friday, February 22, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 138.04

They both jumped as a further crash issued from the mouth of the burial mound. Peters took another step back. “That sounds like rock falling. It could be just a cave-in, I suppose. I can't hear any shouting or anything.”

“The robot didn't shout when we cornered it in the college.” White picked up a stout branch and hefted it experimentally. “And this burial site has been here for thousands of years. What's the liklihood that there would be a cave-in just when we're standing here? It's not like England is an earthquake zone, is it? I can probably count the number of earthquakes I've felt in England on one hand.”

“I suppose so.” Peters looked at his makeshift weapon. “Why the stick, sir? You're a registered firearms officer.”

“Which I left locked in the safe in the boot of my car.” He scowled and shook his head at the inner voice telling his it was a stupid thing to do. “Besides, what use is a gun against a metal man, eh?”

“Well, probably more than a stick, to be honest. You could shoot the control panel, the radio antenna, the sensory devices, the circuitry...”

“All right, sergeant. I get the point. Gun good. Stick bad. Are there any further pearls of wisdom you wish to impart?”

“No, sir. Only...”


“Well... Would it be worth calling for back-up? This is military grade ordinance we're going up against, after all. It wouldn't hurt to ave the Armed Response team at our backs.”

“And what if this turns out to be a badger, eh? We'd be a laughing stock.”

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