Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 138.06

He pressed his speed-dial number for the station. “That's odd.”

“What is, sir? Specifically, I mean, rather than the whole killer-robot-escapes-from-a-megalithic-tomb scenario.”

“My phone has no power. It's as if the battery's dead which it can't be, because I was typing in my report while you were gone.”

“Allow me.” Peters pulled his own phone out. “Damn. I have the same problem. Battery's drained away to nothing.” He looked across at the carn, where the dust was settling. “Something to do with that bugger, at a guess.”

“I expect so.” White peered at the immobile figure. “What's it doing, do you think? Apart from crapping out our phones, I mean.”

“How should I know?” Peters looked up through the leaf canopy. “Maybe it's charging itself up. It must have taken a lot of power to get out of that tomb. How long has it been down there, do you think?”


“Well... ancient technology, asleep for thousands of years. How long, do you reckon?”

“Since yesterday, sergeant, when we saw it last. I told you this was a secret exit from magelight, didn't I?”

“Yeah” Peters grinned. “You did, yes. I was just pulling your leg. Still, my guess it's recharging. There must be solar collectors on its skin. Surface. Whatever.”

“Fascinating.” He peered at it. “I don't see any weapons.”

“I doubt it needs any. One thump from that would knock out a tank.”

“Right, it's been immobile for five minutes.”


White stood. “Let's go and clobber it while it's inactive.”

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