Monday, February 25, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 138.07

The robot stood in front of the burial mound, oblivious of the damage it had just caused, and stared impassively forward, ignoring the two men.

“What's it doing? Where did it come from? I checked that tomb personally and it wasn't there before.”

“There must be a secret entrance from wherever it came from. I told you, didn't I? I told you there was a secret tunnel.”

“You did, sir, though I wish I'd thought to video it when it was coming out, just for evidence. That's a six thousand year old burial chamber. English Heritage are going to have a pink fit.”

“And a purple one, no doubt. Why has it stopped, though?” White stared at the towering metal figure then with great deliberation stepped forward and rapped on the creature's chest. He'd expected it to sound hollow but the sound was the equivalent of rapping his knuckles against a brick wall.

“Hmm.” Emboldened by the robot's lack of reaction, he cleared his throat. “I know you can hear me. No-one could operate a robot like you without some means of seeing and hearing what's going on and I'm betting there's a method of communicating built in as well.”

He glanced at his sergeant. “Maybe it's guarding the chamber. See if it'll let you in.”

“Me? What if it kills me?”

“I think if it wanted to kill us it would have already done so. Besides, there are some super remuneration for death-in-service.”

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