Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 139.01

Harold, who felt he trusted Jasfoup perhaps more than he should, stepped through the open doorway into a dark room. He promptly fell on his face, the step down being at least twice as high as he'd been expecting. “Watch the first step. It's a doozie.”

“'Doozie'? Where did you pick up fifties American slang?” Jasfoup's woice was all but lost in the tunnel wind.

“I don't know.” Harold climbed unsteadily to his feet. “Cartoons, I expect. Or Stewart Granger films. That one about the rabbit was on last week.”

“I remember that one. I knew the rabbit.”

“You did not.”

“Of course I did. Harvey was a personal assistant, like me. How do you think people think of you?”

“It's different. You're visible.”

“Am I? Or do you only think I am?”

“Don't be ridiculous. Gillian can see you as well.”

“See what?” Gillian hopped down into the room and took hold of Lucy's hand. “Who are you talking to? Come on, darling.”

“Very funny.” Harold felt for her hand. “I can't see a thing.” While it didn't exactly echo, his words sounded sufficiently hollow for him to recognise how large the space was.

Jasfoup poked his head trough the doorway as he helped Lucy down from the tunnel, lowering her until her feet touched the floor. “I think she meant Lucy.”

“Oh.” He took out his phone and used the screen as a crude torch. We're in the cellar.”

“Middle floor, I believe.” Jasfoup punted Devious and his box of computer parts into the room. “I didn't dare go lower in case the tunnel interfered with the faery portal.”

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