Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 139.03

Gillian took a few steps to catch Lucy before she wandered off. The cellars had the footage of the mansion and it was easy to get lost in them, especially if she found her way downstairs to the corridor with the ancient portal to Faery. “So how would your pepper pot be a weapon against Lilith?”

“It has a trapped soul inside. If we could introduce a mortal soul into the structure of Lilith, we might be able to disrupt the cohesion of her internal demons.”

“And then we could use Lucy to suck them up like a vacuum cleaner on automatic.” Jasfoup smiled happily.

Gillian picked up Lucy and balanced her against her hip. Harold wondered if she knew how dirty the child's shoes were. She left footprints all over Gillian's trousers. “Will that work? I didn't think a mortal spirit could possess a demon.”

“It's never been done, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Mind you, we're not using a mortal spirit, which is rather the point. It will give us an advantage.”

“You've got an immortal spirit?”

Harold had to refresh his phone to make the screen light up again but when he did he saw Gillian's face had shifted into the one he generally tried to avoid.

“You've got Julie's spirit trapped in a pepper pot?”

“Yes...” Jasfoup looked at Harold, but Harold was unwilling to commit his vocal support until he could better gauge his partner's reactions. “We thought it better to extract her before she dropped to Hell on her own. This way we have a chance to save her.”

“Save her how? She's already dead.”

“Well...” Jasfoup stood up straightto appear more commanding. “If I lost the paperwork she could stay here.”

“As a screaming ghost?” Gillian strode forward. Harold was lucky she was holding Lucy or the punch would have broken his ribs. “What sort of idiot father are you supposed to be?”

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