Friday, March 8, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 139.04

“Ow.” Harold rubbed the spot where the punch had landed. He would have a bruise there for certain. He tried a few deep breaths in case a lung had been punctured but he seemed to be in working condition. “What was that for? It was Jasfoup who suggested it, not me.”

“He wouldn't have thought of it without you bringing it up first. He's not that devious.”

“I resent that.” The words came simultaneously from both Jasfoup and Devious, whom Harold was ashamed to admit he'd forgotten about entirely, though he was pleased to see the imp was still carrying the box of old computer parts. Dill had seemed quite attached to that.

“You know I'm right. Jasfoup would be more interested in getting the credit for a redeemed soul than any amount of altruism.”

“Yes, quite.” Harold had to think a moment to work out if she was being complimentary or not. Not, he decided. “So you agree?”

“To Julie's ghost haunting the place? Certainly not. You could put her in the cemetery, though.”

“It's a bit lonely out there, isn't it?”

“Of course not. Ask for the Brigadier. He'll find a good spot for her, though you'll have to reclaim her body for burial. They're sticklers for the no body, no ghost rule.”

“I'll look into into it.”Harold rubbed his chest again. Now, unless anyone objects, I'd at least like to find somewhere with a light switch, if not several pots of tea.”

“What about Legion? Isn't she still in the kitchen?”

“Oh yes.” Harold chewed his lip. He was quite honestly too tired to think of a solution to the problem. He didn't like the idea of Lucy housing demons but they didn't seen to be adversely affecting her. Not yet, anyway.

“Should we give up Lucy?”

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