Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 139.05

“What?” He turned on the demon. “No. Why would you even suggest that?” The light from his phone screen faded and so all he could see was Jasfoup's eyes, reduced to a dull red through his sunglasses.

Jasfoup lowered his voice. “If you think about it, Lucy's probably got the stronger claim on the demons. Thanks to her parentage, she's quite literally a little angel, thankfully one that doesn't burn me to a cinder by proximity. Legion might have been an angel once but you can bet your bottom she doesn't qualify any more. Lucy's purity will be an attractive proposition for her. She'd want to take Lucy for her own but like Manoach, Lucy is capable of sustaining her self-identity despite the demons who inhabit her.”

“A few, maybe but Legion is two thousand strong. Imagine having all those inside you, bickering all day.”

“These are cohesive entities, Harold, not imps.”

“Nevertheless, she's only a toddler. Legion has centuries of expertise. Millennia.”

“I suppose you're right, but it's worth thinking about.” His eyes glittered. “As a last resort, perhaps.”

Harold got another thump to match the first. “I can't believe you're even considering this.” Gillian was a shadow against the dim light from the stairwell to the west. “You can't sacrifice your only daughter to Legion.”

“I'm not considering it.” Harold massaged his chest. “Well, I am considering it but I'm not agreeing to the proposal.” Another thought struch him. “Hang on. You said I was related to Legion? She's my aunt?”

“A hundred and thirty times removed, but yes. Technically, you're related to all demons, and angels too, by default.”

“Then so is Lucy.”


“Have you ever seen a woman with her two year-old niece?” He gathered Lucy ibto his arms. “This'll be fine.”

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