Friday, March 15, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 139.11

“Never mind us, Harold. What have you been up to? Have you done that little job for Legion?”

“Mostly, yes.” Harold reached over to the kettle as it boiled and added some water to the teapot, emptied it, then put in three spoons of tea and filled it. “I have to say, it wasn't easy and poor Julie was killed in the process.”

“Julie?” Ada stared at him, open mouthed. “I liked her.”

“We all did, mum, and most especially Lucy. Julie took care of her whenever Gillian and I weren't availably.”He put the teapot on a tray and checked the cupboards until he located the Bourbon biscuits.

Ada clutched at Lucy's hand. “You poor love. Come and get a hug from Gran.”

Lucy shook her head, her mouth still full of biscuit. Crumbs sparkled on her lips and cheek like the stroke of an artist's brush. Ada reached for a handkerchief to wipe them away but Lucy leaned out of her reach.

Harold took a teacup from the cupboard, added it to the tray and followed it with a milk jug. He carried it all to the table. “We lost Felicia, too, though she's fine. She took her sister's death hard. We underestimated the demons.” He lifted the lid of the teapot and stirred the brew with a slow, clockwise action. “I had the impression they were itinerants with the carnival. You didn't tell us how long they'd been in Laverstone, nor that they'd built an army of golems.”

“Had they?” It was impossible to read Legion's expression. Demons were excellent liars at the best of times.

“They had. Harold replaced the lid. “And the one you left in the table at the shop almost ate Lucy's brain.”

“It should not have invaded her. I left it there for you to communicate with us.”

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