Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 139.12

“And what about Manoach? You didn't tell as anything about him.”


“Manoach. He was the man you inhabited when Iesu cast you out in the biblical tale. The demons went back to him and he accepted them gladly. They kept alive all this time.” Harold looked down at the teapot. “Well, until now anyway.”

Ada frowned. “What do you mean, ' until now'?”

“Well, I couldn't just leave him to be a demon mastermind for another two thousand years, could I? We struck the last demon off him and now he's gone. Heaven or Hell, it makes no odds.”

“So where are they?” Legion leaned forward, the mug in front of her garnering a ring of frost from the sudden cold. “What did you do with my children?”

“Most of them went to Hell. I'm sure you can find them their stop”

“Most of them?”

Harold waited a moment before responding,adding milk to his cup and then tea. Ada looked surprised when he didn't add sugar. Finally, he looked at Legion. “Did you know we were related?”

“I felt... something.” She shifted uncomfortably. “When we met, I mean. I felt a kinship with you. I am not surprised we are related, considering who your father is.”

“It makes you my auntie, however many times removed.”


“It makes Lucy your niece, too.” He turned to his daughter, who swallowed the last biscuit. “Lucy? Say hello to your great aunt Legion.”

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