Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 139.13

“'Lo.” She reached for her glass of milk, looking at the demon over the top of the glass, her eyes enlarged by the distortion.

“Hello, Lucy.” Legion shared a glance with Ada, the reached across the table to touch the girl's hand. Harold wondered what his mother and his newly discovered aunt had been talking about to share in such a look. He almost wondered if Ada were possessed but no, she'd already touched Lucy and would have been unpossessed,,, dispossessed? In an instant. Besides, Ada was fae.

“Have you bought me a present?” Harold smiled. The innocence of a child.

Legion frowned. “ I'm sorry.”

“You should. Aunties give presents, don't they?” She looked at Harold.

“Usually, but Legion didn't know you were related, I expect.” He turned to Legion. “I'm sorry for her forthrightness, but I'm sure you've interacted with enough children to realise how self-centred they can be. We've always held that Lucy should speak her mind but she's too young yet to have learned the distiction between honesty and social etiquette. I hope you understand.”

“Of course. I've shared enough human experience to understand children.” Legion returned her attention to Lucy. “Touch my hand, child. Let me know your value.”

Lucy looked at Harold, who nodded. “She won't hurt you, love.”

“All right.” Lucy released her grip of the milk glass and leaned forward to extend her reach. Harold wondered which of them was the stronger and almost held his breath as their fingertips touched. He could feel the electricity in the air almost as a visible thing.

There was a sudden crash.

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