Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 140.01

“That was quick thinking, Sir.” Peters heaved the camping gear into the boot of the car. “Telling the old biddy we were in pursuit of the vandals.”

“It was not quick thinking at all, Sergeant. It was the dissemination of pertinent information to interested parties, in conjunction with open communication retaining to police procedure.”

“If you say so. There should be an acronym for that.”

“What?” White raised an eyebrow. “Like Benefiting Our Liason with Litigative Operation Codes and Knowledge Systems?”

“You what, Sir?” Peters frowned as he repeated the phrase to himself, then laughed. “Oh, very good, Sir. I shall have to remember that one.”

“Right.” White unfolded a map and spread it out on the bonnet. It took him a moment to find their position, then he used his finger to trace the path to Hobb's Carn. “This is where he came out and he went of in...this direction. Now, if we extrapolate the line...” He stabbed his finger on what he imagined the robot's destination to be. “Aha.”

“Thats...” Peters frowned as he worked out what the building was from the location of the Oxford Road and the river Laver. “Laverstone Manor.”

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