Friday, March 22, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 140.04

“Is that why you're so easy on Waterman, then? I always wondered.”

“Easy? You think I'm easy on him?”

“Well, yeah. Look at the number of times we've been to the manor. We've found what? Three corpses there? Four? And there's always complaints about that ruddy great dog of his though I've never seen him with it.”

White swallowed the suddenly sour taste in his mouth. “I'm not easy on Waterman, sergeant. If anything, I treat him with more suspicion than just about anyone I haven't already locked up. Look at the body we pulled from there the other day. Julie


“Julie Turling. I sent an army of SOCOs into that house to look for any trace of evidence of foul play and they found nothing. Some oddities, obviously, but that's to be expected in a house of that age. If there ad been a shred of evidence to suggest foul play I'd have nicked him myself.”

“Still, it makes you think. If his mum enabled the squad to catch your mum's hit and runner, it'd make sense for you to turn a blind eye to his extra-curricular activities.”

“You'd think, would you?”

“Well, obviously.”

“And there are others at the station who feel the same way, are there?”

“I expect so, sir, yes.”

“Then I'll have to be doubly vigilant, won't I? I can't have people thinking I'm an easy touch. I'll have to do my very best to arrest him for something.”

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