Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 140.06

Peters buckled himself into the passenger seat. “So we're off to the manor, then?”

“Unless you've got any pressing business elsewhere.”

“Well, it is after five. I've been on duty for thirteen hours and I was supposed to have dinner with Janet tonight.”

“Whatever for?”

“Oh, it's a little tradition we started a few years ago. It's called being married and eating together.”

“Ah. You'll grow out of that. Beryl and I have been together thirty-four years and she's learned never to expect me for dinner. She usually has something in the oven for me.”

“Perhaps you and Beryl could come to dinner one of the days?”

“I'll see what she says. She's not all that keen on going out, mind. All that dressing up, you know?” A thought struck him. “It wouldn't be health food, would it? All that nut cutlet suff plays havoc with my digestion.”

“No, sir. I'll do a roast. Beef, maybe, or-_”

“Pork with the fat turned to crackling with the hairs still on.” The thought sent the sour taste from earlier packing. “We accept.”

“Oh. Right you are, sir. Magic. When are you free?”

“Soon as we solve this case.” He scratched his stubble. “And the zombie one. And the unexplained deaths one.”

“I'll put it in the diary.” Peters pulled out his mobile and tapped the screen a few times, then fished in the glove compartment. He pulled out a charger and plugged it in the cigarette lighter. “When I've got a bit of battery back.”

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