Monday, March 25, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 140.07

Phone for a SOCO team to look over Hobb's Carn while you're at it. See if they can find any evidence of vandals.

Why? We know who did it. Or what did it, to be precise.”

And you want to put that in your report, do you? 'We were staking out the ancient burial site known as Hobb's Carn on suspicion it had a hidden entrance to an underground tunnel when a giant robot smashed its way out of the grave and proceeded to demolish the site of significant archaeological value. We then pursued the robot into the woods but lost track of him somewhere near the Laverstone border. We believe he may have passed into Somerset and is therefore under their jurisdiction.'”

Well, not exactly, sir, but we can't make an inaccurate report.”

Not inaccurate. Not as such.” White put the car in reverse and began a three point turn. “But if you don't want to remain a sergeant all your life you'll find it's best to leave out fanciful tales in favour of solid police work. 'We saw a person of unknown ethnicity causing damage to the site and pursued the suspect into the woods, where they managed to evade capture. Officers despatched to the scene to collect evidence.'” He trailed off while he checked for traffic and left the car park. “See? Perfectly accurate and doesn't make us out to be serious loonies.”

I get the point, sir.” Peters checked his phone again. “Ah. Five percent battery. That should be enough for a couple of calls.”

A couple?”

I have to warn Janet I won't be back for dinner.”

White grinned, debated making a noise like a whip-crack and thought better of it. “Jolly good, Sergeant. Keep the good lady up to speed. Give mine a ring, would you?”

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