Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 141.01

Harold scowled at his family, assuming one could call Legion family. Calling the ancient mother of demons an aunt was about as close as a sabre-tooth tiger was to a group of house-bred tabbies, anyway. Actually, check that. Mother of demons was a title more fitting for Lilith, who was also his aunt. On his father's side, obviously. Having Lucifer as a father certainly gave him an extended family numbering thousands of immortal beings. Not that they ever remembered his birthday. Which was probably just as well, because if they remembered his, he'd have to remember theirs and thirty billion presents would cripple his bank account, especially since they'd all, technically, be on the same day.

“Haven't you ever cut your thumb and sucked the wound?

Lucy giggled. “Only babies suck their thumbs, Daddy. I'm not a baby.”

Legion shook her head slowly. “Not really no.”

“Well, obviously you wouldn't, no. You're not human. Something damages you, you just get another demon to fill up the hole. I meant Mum and Lucy.”

“Not Lucy either, darling.” Ada patted her granddaughter's hand. “She's pure elohim as well, with the tiniest bit of fae thrown in to give her a perfect figure when she's older. I know what you mean, though. I'm more human than you, after all. Besides, it wasn't you sucking your thumb that had us staring it was


“It was the amount of relish you put into the act. Almost as if you were” She frowned and silently mouthed the next words in a Lancastrian accent. “Pleasuring yourself.”

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