Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 141.02

“Mother!” Harold could do silent mouthing as well, a skill learned during his brief stint as a choirboy at St. Jude's, when the lads would have conversations while pretending to sing hymns. He was most affronted because she was at least partially right. He leaned across the table and took Lucy's hand away from Legion's. There was a distinct unflash of light, a distillation of darkness between their hands as a dark spark jumped the tiny gap. “What was that?”

Legion sat back. “One of us transferring.”

“One of us? You mean a demon?”

“Of course. This is why you introduced the child to me, is it not? So that we could reclaim the parts of us that she held?”

“Well...yes, I suppose so.” Harold studied his daughter. She certainly seemed to be suffering no ill effects. “Lucy? How many do you have left?”

“Three, Daddy.” She reached across the table. “They want to go home. They're lonely without their brethren.”

“Lonely?”He watched her touch hands with her aunt again, though he couldn't see the demon pass from his daughter to Legion. “I didn't think demons could be lonely.”

“It is our nature.” Legion smiled at Lucy, a brief closure of her eyes indicating the arrival of the penultimate transfer. “The punishment for the Fallen was to be denied the love of God. I was denied that even before the Garden was formed, before Adam, before Lilith. We were his first creations and his first rejections.”

“You must hate him very much.”

“Hate? No. We knew nothing of love or hate, elation or despair until we learned them from the humans who came after us. We live between the worlds no, experiencing both. The children Lucy brought home will sustain us with their memories of the world through Manoach's eyes for many years to come.”

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