Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 141.03

“Wait. You knew they were there? You knew Manoach had them?”

“Of course. They are we and we are they. We always knew where they were. We sent them back to him after all.”

“But” Harold could feel his brow furrowing as he tried to grasp the implications of her words. “They didn't know that. They were acting autonomously, deep in the belief they were building an army of golems. They were going to overthrow Hell.”

Yes.” Legion smiled. “Bless them. You want your children to succeed on their own but you can't let them topple you, eh? You have to pull down their little towers when they threaten the roof.”

You sent them back to Manoach purely to let them experience life in the human world?”

One lives vicariously through one's children, don't you think? We couldn't all go, for that would have incurred the wrath of Iesu, but a chosen number? Too few for Him to bother with. Besides, by the time they returned to Manoach Iesu had enough problems not to worry about one little possession.”

Ada narrowed her eyes. “So it was all a pretence?” She didn't like to be made a fool of. “You sent my son of a possibly fateful errand for your own amusement?”

Oh no, not at all. We couldn't have gone ourselves. They would have felt us and escaped again, as they did last time.”

Last time?” Harold stared at his tea. It had gone cold but he couldn't summon the energy to empty the cup into the sink and make another pot. “Do I really want to know?”

“Oh, it was years ago. They tried to take over the mortal world, and Manoach wore such a silly little moustache he'd seen in the movies.”

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