Friday, March 29, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 141.04

“Hitler? Manoach was Hitler? Why did he try to exterminate the Jews, then? Weren't they his own people?”

Legion shrugged. “Once, perhaps. What does one do when shunned by one's own people? Become meek or become angry? Had it not been for Iesu he would have still had all of us. We could have ruled Palestine if we'd wanted. Manoach resented the lost opportunity.”

“He was a good man, once. He told the tale of how he followed Iesu as a beggar, travelling from town to town after the man who rid him of demons and gave him his life back.”

“And how was he treated, eh?” Legion went silent for a moment, staring into space like a woman who'd taken a week's supply of Librium all at once. “He was vilified, spat upon, beaten for his last fist of bread, even in the camp of Iesu's followers. Little wonder he turned on his own people.”

“And now he's dead.” Harold looked at Lucy. She had the ability to hold demons inside her, too. Was Manoach's fate destined to be his daughter's too? Or would she end up as cold-hearted and pitiable as Legion herself? “At least, I think he's dead. We saw what remained of him, anyway. A few bones, part of his skull.”

“Then he's really gone.”

“I suppose.” Harold caught the look in his mother's eyes. “Was Manoach a mortal man or one of us?”

“What do you mean?”

“Was he a Denizen? A fae? A nephilim? Was what happened to him a possible future of Lucy's?”

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