Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 141.05

Legion did the staring into space thing again before rewarding him with a small smile. “No. He was a mortal, but one who dreamed of greatness. Lucy here…” She turned the light of her smile onto the child… “Is the closet being to a born angel it is possible to be. In six millennia I have never seen her like. She will not share Manoarch's fate no matter how many demons she holds, but each one she takes into herself will change her, as the one she held since birth has.”

Since birth?” Harold glanced ashen-faced at his daughter. “What do you mean? What demon has she held since birth.”

Ada studied her granddaughter. “Are you certain of this? I see no evidence of possession.”

Nor will you, for she is not possessed. She has held this demon all of her life. It has moulded her and shaped her. Look at her as you would another's child. She is articulate and well-spoken. She holds coherent thoughts and considers consequences. She walks freely and manipulates adults to do her bidding. And yet you clain she is only two?”

It's not a claim. I could show you her birth certificate.”

I don't doubt the truth of it, but look at her. She has the knowledge and self confidence of a five or six year old. She understands complex language patterns and can even produce humour. Your daughter holds a demon inside, as certainly as do I.”

Harold was rendered mute. She was right, of course. He'd just assumed Lucy to be unusually bright. With the truth of it labelled so clearly, he had to admit the truth. Lucy was indeed possessed.

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