Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 141.06

He looked at his mother, who just shrugged.

“I've seen no evidence of it.” She reached for Lucy's hand. “Is it true, darling? Do you have a passenger in there?”

“Only Ash.” Lucy lifted her empty glass and looked through it as if it was a telescope. “Can I have another biscuit?”

“I think you've had enough biscuits, Lucy.” Harold took the glass off her and earned a pout. “You've had about six.”

“You have more than that. I've seen you eat a whole packet at once.”

“That's different, Lucy. I'm an adult and I make sure I balance my transparent fats and calorie intake. Sometimes I need a high number of empty calories just to stop muscle loss when casting spells.”

“I've seen you eat biscuits when you watch those funny films.”

He frowned. “What funny films?”

“The ones where the ladies all lose their clothes.”

“That's enough, Lucy. If you're still hungry I'll make you a sandwich.”

“Choccie spread and peanut booker?”

He smiled at the childish mispronunciation. “If you like.” He put the glass and biscuit plate on the tray with the tea things and rose from the table.

“I have to ask this, though.” Ada touched her granddaughter to get her attention. “Who or what is Ash?”

“He's my friend. He tells me things.”

“What sort of things?”

“All sorts. What's inside a choc'late before I bite it. What's inside an engine that makes it go vroom. What's inside a people to make them shout at you. He tells me stories, too.”

“Oh? What sort of stories?”

“Stories from long ago. When everyone was in Heaven and the big battle that happened before they all fell down.”

“So Ash is one of the Fallen? One of the Ancients?”

Legion nodded. “Asphodel, the Angel of Death.”

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