Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 142.10

“Ah.” He shot a quizzical look at Peters, who shrugged. “And do you read all these books?”

“Not all of them. Not yet.” She ran her finger across the spines. “Daddy brings them home from work when he finds them in their original condition and thinks I should read them.” She pressed her thumb against the spine of Winnie the Pooh. “I like this one best.”

“Really?” White tapped the spine of the sequel. “Pooh Corner was my favourite when I was your... When I was a child. I liked Tigger best.”

“Tigger is a bully.” Lucy seemed to lose interest in the conversation a stumped over to the bed. She knelt on the floor and looked underneath. “Sometimes there's a monster under my bed but he's not there now. I was hoping he would be so you could arrest him.”

“Monster under the bed?” White grinned. “I was always afraid of monsters under the bed. It's something you grow out of, eventually. One day you'll just stop being afraid of them.”

“Oh, I'm not afraid of him.” She picked up a doll and started undressing it. White made a mental note to ask Waterman where he got it. The doll was surprisingly realistic. So much so, he wondered whether it had been untended for a child or fro the adult entertainment industry. It looked a lot like a character from a science-fiction franchise. She looked up at him again. “His name is Tomas and he used to haunt the west wing until the roof fell in.”

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