Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 142.8

White turned back to Lucy. “Some germs are good to have. Catching germs now means you won't catch them later. It's called 'immunity'. Being a little bit sick as a child when all you have to do is watch cartoons and eat ice-cream is sometimes easier than waiting until you're an adult when there's no-one to being you ice-cream and lemonade.”

She stopped on the landing, her tiny hand in White's own surprisingly strong. “I thought immunity was about being bad?”

“Ill, I think, rather than bad.”

“But I saw a programme on television that said this bad man who put a bomb on a train and blew people up went to his country house in London and claimed immunity because God told him to do it.”

“Ah. That's political immunity. Nothing to do with germs. I cases like that we have what's called an extradition order where we tell the country we want the bad man back so he can be tried for his crimes.”

“Why would they give him back just for you to try and hang him?”

“We don't hang people any more, er, Lucy. We just put them in prison for a very long time.”

“Put them in prison then. Why would they give the bad man to you to do that? Is it so he gets three meals a day and makes number plates?”

“Well, we might give them somebody who's been bad to them. A swap, sort of thing.”

“Do English people blow up other people's trains then?”

“Sometimes.” White sighed. He'd forgotten how children's minds ran not so much on rails as a compete goods yard. “Very bad English men, or very deluded ones.”

“I think you should ask for that mab mack but you should chop his head off.”

“Why's that?”

She beckoned him down to her lever and whispered in his ear. “Because he's a liar. God didn't tell him to at all.”

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