Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 143.02

Legion said nothing but despite her apparent human-ness, Harold couldn't help seeing her as a bubbling cauldron of writing tentacles. How was he supposed to feel about her component demons when several of them had been trying to kill him at lunchtime? “Why were you trying to possess the Inspector?”

It's a standard strategy to control any community. Taking control of the key figures promotes a smooth coup. The police, the council, the armed forces.”

Is that why you're here? To take control of Laverstone? It would be a paradise for demons.”

Not at all. I'm here because Manoach was here. Now that you've dealt with him and returned his demons to me, I can be on my way.”

Good to hear.” Harold smiled thinly. “Not that I don't relish your company but I've had my fill of demons today.”

As you will it.” Legion stood.

Wait.” Harold held up one hand. “One more thing. The inspector mentioned something about cryogenically preserved people wandering about. Do you know anything about that?”

Why should I?” Legion shrugged. “You mortals and your attempts to preserve life. Everything decays. Is is the nature of life.”

Decay, yes. That was it” He clicked his fingers, something he normally struggled with. “They're not frozen people being awakened, they're the soulless in decay. That damned Dead Line weed. It detaches the spirit, Dill said. Or Sam, I forget now. Where's Jasfoup?”

Here, old chap.” The demon came in a moment after Legion had left. “What's the urgency?”

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