Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 143.05

“You couldn't guess your way out of a paper bag.” Jasfoup clicked his fingers and barely paused to give the imp time to appear. “Devious? Where's that box of assorted rubbish you were carting about?”

“It's still in the cellar, sir. Should I fetch it?”

“Yes.” Jasfoup frowned. “No. Take it to...” He looked at Harold.

“The study?” Harold shrugged. “It seems appropriate and there isn't an outside door in there. There are, however, several spare electrical sockets and a telephone line.”

“Excellent.” Jasfoup made shooing motions. “Off you go, imp. Chop chop.”

The armoured golem turned to follow him but Devious vanished into a portal. It turned back to them and Harold clapped it on the shoulder. “Not to worry, Dill. I'll show you the way, though I can't see you performing the intricate tasks involved with building a computer when you don't even have separate fingers.” He began to lead the golem out of the kitchen. “Actually, I've thought that with a lot of science-fiction films with aliens in. How can a species without opposable thumbs ever evolve? I've wondered it ever since I first started watching Dr Who. I mean, if it was remotely possible to evolve without them, surely cats would have built fishing nets and trawlers by now?”

The golem didn't reply, but then that was part of the problem.

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