Monday, April 22, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 143.07

Devious popped off the steel glove and climbed out of the wrist hole. “I've been trying to get you with that for years and it takes a metal man to draw your attention to it for longer than a fleeing glance.”

“You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Better luck next time, eh?” Devious nudged him with a tiny elbow. “Here, what's he doing?”

The golem-Dill gave them a thumbs-up.

“He's interested in the glove.” Harold looked at the armour. “Could you inhabit the armour if we put the golem control sigils inside?”

Golem-Dill did an excellent impression of a shrug.

“Hmm.” Harold replaced the glove. “Perhaps we could try it on a suit that isn't actually priceless before you settle for this one, though I have to say there must be more appropriate designs. A mannequin, say. Something more closely resembling a human being. Something with fingers capable of more than just gripping a iron mace.” He manipulated the fingers. “A rubber glove instead of a chainmail one, maybe.”

Golem-Dill's shoulders slumped.

Harold turned to look at a suit of samurai armour. There was a pair of them Jasfoup had sourced when Harold had begun learning the use of the Eastern sword. It gave him an idea. “There was the the Terracotta Army. Perhaps they were golems. Perhaps they still are, just waiting for a command to jerk into life. We could build you a terracotta man to inhabit.”

“That would take a good bit of time, sir.” Devious rolled one of his disgusting yellow cigarettes. “Even if I got John to do the carving it would take drying and finishing time.”

Harold nodded thoughtfully. “With fingers and toes?”

“I expect so, sir. He's a craftsman, like his dad.”

Harold smiled. “Mum was using plasticine. Get me two hundred pounds of that.”

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