Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 143.09

It took him twenty minutes to empty the box of computer parts, much of the time trying to decipher Golem-Dill's non-verbal instructions of how to attach the second piece to the first piece until he elected to just set each piece in a long collection of similar parts. Hard drives, wires, memory chips, mobile phones. “Why so many mobile phones?”

Golem-Dill performed a complicated mime about making a phone call, during which the wire was pulled out.

“Got you.” Harold gave him a thumbs-up. “I hope these a pre-pay. I wouldn't like the contract for all these. They're ancient, too.”

By the time he'd emptied the carton (contrary to his intention, Golem-Dill had been quite forceful in his request for Harold to not just upend the box) Dill had returned with several cartons of his own, which he, Delirious and John spent a minute and a half transferring from their tunnel, the latter wearing a pink speedo one-piece that Harold was amazed came in his size.

“Excellent.” Harold steepled his fingers, pleased that he would no longer be required to construct the jumble of wires and components into a computer. “Let's get Dill a new body first.” He ripped the tape off the first box. “What's this? I told you to get plasticine.”

“It's play-dough, Master.” Devious puffed up his chest. “Given the choice, we thought you'd prefer the one which didn't smell like a damp sock.”

“True.” Harold popped off a lid and smelled the modelling compound. “But this stuff doesn't stick together as well.”

“True, Master, but it also doesn't stick to everything else. We wouldn't be constantly scraping bits of golem out of the carpet.”

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