Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 143.10

“And you can bake it for permanence.” John was already sporting a red play-dough thong. His brow furrowed. “Or am I thinking of something else?”

“You'd need a very large oven.”

“We need you to model, Master.” Devious held up a dough hand Michelangelo would have wept over, it was so perfect. Harold had been right to hand the sculpting over to the imp. He'd never seen such a craftsman before. The imp's bas relief in Ada's cellars had been what the Egyptians would have done if they'd have been capable of inter-continental travel. The Grecian Temple of Athens would have plastered over the marble rather than have it compare to the imp's work.

“Oh? Are you using me as the baseline for all that is beautiful in the human figure?”

“Neurp.” Delirious hopped about the room, nursing a comically inflating bruise on his foot.

“Of course, sir.” Devious took several measurements. “We have to make Dill's body different, of course. More waif-like, since he hadn't your muscles or breadth of experience.”

“Of course.”

“And we wouldn't want to make him an imitation of you, would we?”

“I suppose that could be confusing.”

“Indeed.” Devious finished his measurements. “This is purely for proportions. We wouldn't want people to get confused between the two of you.” He deftly constructed a skull out of white dough, added musculature, eyes and brain matter and covered the whole with a flesh-toned mixture of white, brown and yellow. “I doesn't resemble him without the hair, mind.”

“Don't be so hard on yourself. It's a good likeness. He looked very similar the that when I first saw him.”

“Master is too kind.” Devious turned to find John had constructed the golem's new pelvic area, complete with all working parts.

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