Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 143.12

“That wouldn't do at all.” Harold nudged Golem-Dill's steel arm. Your only career choice would be politician.”

“Very droll, sir.” Devious began constructing legs based on the measurements he'd taken from Harold. “I must say, you certainly have some odd ideas about construction powers. Fancy a golem having a voice.”

“Why not? Tell me where it says a golem can't have a voice, eh? All he needs is to be able to produce a tone he can modulate with a tongue and lips.” He practised making words silently for a moment. “And possibly teeth. What's so hard in that?”

“It's just not done, sir.” Devious finished the legs and spent several long seconds attaching them to the feet he'd made at one end and John's pelvic construction at the other. He looked up when he got to the point of reaching for more white dough for the spine. “Golems are...” He glanced across at Dill and lowered his voice, beckoning Harold to come closer. “Golems are the lowest level of society, a bit like slaves.”


“Shh!” Devious glanced at Dill again but the former student was engaged in rearranging the layout of his computer parts. “A bit like slaves, I said, on account of slaves were generally cheaper to buy and had to be replaced regularly. A golem would often become a legacy, passed down from father to son to grandson, a member of every household for generations.”

“What has that got to do with them not speaking?”

“Secrets, sir. Take yourself, for example. Would you want Lucy knowing everything about you when she inherited your golem?”

“It's a bit late for that. These days everyone knows everything about their parents. Mobile phones and uploads to YouTube saw to that.”

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