Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dead ite chapter 144.02

“No, Master. You didn't ask for one. You asked me to insert a cloth bag for lungs and a pipe to blow air through and I provided them just as you asked but you said nothing about a tongue.”

“I assumed a tongue would be a matter of course. What creature doesn't have a tongue? Even beetles have tongues.”

“Actually, Master, much as I'm loathe to correct you, insects don't have tongues. They have small palps by the sides of their mouths that perform a similar function and the food is manipulated by their top and bottom labia and their palps.”

“Oh.” Harold ran through pictures of insects in his head. “What about butterflies? I've seen a butterfly's tongue, all coiled up like a watch spring.”

“Alas, Master, wrong again. Butterflies, moths and a thousand other varieties of insects have a tube like appendage called a proboscis to suck up nectar, pollen, tree sap, rotting fruit, dung and other substances that are dissolved into a liquid state.” The imp looked irritatingly smug and Harold wanted to think of a biting reply, or at least punch him in the face. Which, on reflection, was probably why the imp was loathe to correct him in the first place.”

“You did lie to me, though, when I asked if you'd forgotten to put the tongue in.”

“I didn't, actually.” There was that smug look again. “You asked if I'd forgotten to put the tongue in. I hadn't forgotten. I just didn't.”

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