Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 144.03

“You disobeyed me?”

He at least had the temerity to look shocked. “Of course not. You didn't ask for a tongue, just the means to produce wind.”

“Ah oo ah a eee mmm?” Dill's face twisted and cleared again. At least he'd learned individual muscle control while he was a zombie. It stood him in good stead as a golem. He hadn't needed it in the inexpressive steel housing but this dough required constant maintenance lest the frowns and wrinkles remain indefinitely.

“No, you haven't, Sorry.” Harold clapped Devious over the head. “You can thank this little git. I'm afraid you'll have to vate your housing while we put one in.”

“oo ah oo oh oh oo ah ooah ah?”

“No, sorry.” Harold struggled for an analogy. “We can apply the patch but it wont take while the operator system is running, see? It'll just be a lump of dead play-dough grafted onto the living. You won't be able to operate it.”

“oo ah oo ah oo ee?”



“Af if I oo if?”

Harold looked at Devious, who shrugged. “Still not with you, there.”

“What if I grow a tongue out of the flesh I already have?”

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