Friday, May 3, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 144.04

Harold paused to consider the suggestion. “You could give it a try, I suppose.”

“The spider managed it at your mother's house.”

“Yes, but look what happened to that we had to...” Harold suddenly realised it was actually Dill speaking. “Oh. You've already done it, of course.”

“Yes. I just had to concentrate on what I needed and it appeared.” Dill held out his hand and stared at it. The fingers elongated and formed a new new joints, looking more otherworldly than anything Harold had seen on Science fiction movies. Except maybe one, that was overly involved with multiple-jointed fingers wrapped around a man's head. He shuddered, trying to shake the mental image. “That's enough. I get the idea.”

John the imp tugged at the dough flesh of Dill's leg and stared upward. “Can you grow any part of your body?”

“I think so. What were you referring to?”

“Trousers.” Harold clicked his fingers. “Devious? Would you fetch Dill some clothes, please?” He looked at John's shining face. “Rather urgently, I think.”

Dill shrank his hand back to the normal size. “I'm not sure how I do it, though.”

“You're taking material from other parts of your body and migrating it to the part you're manipulating.” Delirious watched his father open a portal to fetch clothing. “The law of conservation of mass applies. Whatever you do to your form, you'll retain the same mass. Theoretically, you could make yourself twenty feet high but spindly as an anorexic teenager.”

“Or I could make tentacles.” Dill's arm became a facsimile of an octopus's appendage.

Harold gulped. “Let's um... let's keep that to when it's needed, eh?”

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