Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 144.05

“Right, okay.” Dill turned, his naked, doughy body rippling with the movement and his legs twisting rather than lifting and turning. Dill looked down. “Oh. I'll have to be careful about that, won't I? The steel body didn't twist like that.”

“I think you'll find there are advantages and disadvantages to both forms. I doubt this one is anywhere near as strong as the steel one.”

“No, I don't suppose it is.” Dill tried to lift Harold's antique oak desk and discovered it stayed exactly where it was although his arm became longer and thinner. “When we're done with your demon hunting I'd like to spend some time trying to develop a compromise. You mentioned latex earlier, didn't you?”

The image of Dill dressed in a latex one-piece flashed into Harold's mind and he tried to think of something else to dispel the thought. “Yes, but what about a steel core with the dough moulded around it. That would give you tensile strength. If you used nine-core wire you could separate strands of it to allow the... er... tentacles or other shapes. You'd be Mr. Fantastic, the plastic elastic man.”

“A superhero, eh?” Dill concentrated in lifting a motherboard to the light and inspecting it. “Sounds good, though right now I'm more interested in reassembling Orias. I can't see any damage here, but Sam was always the hardware man.”

A lump grew from his shoulder and expanded rapidly to almost the size of his head. Compensating for the bulk, Dill's chest became thinner until Harold began to worry about his dough-bones poking through. The lump developed a nose and mouth, the activity in the area of the eyes reminiscent of a ball of maggots inside a corpse. The eyes opened, one almost normal but the other merely a yellow ball with a pinhole in the middle. The new head opened its mouth to reveal dozens of brown teeth. “Did someone call for me?”

Dill grinned. “All right, Sam?”

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