Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 144.06

The nightmare second head opened its mouth wider to reveal a black tongue growing, though Harold couldn't remember them using any black dough in the construction process. He shuddered, certain he'd seen this in a horror film at some point. Would the second head take control of the arm and battle the first head for control of the body?

“Yes.” The second head opened and closed its mouth several times the teeth clacking together with a sound dough shouldn't be able to make. “Yes. Sam. That was my name and is my name still.” The left arm lifted you and the second head gazed at it. “This is interesting. Why are you inside my body, Dill? I didn't know you wanted to be that close to me. This is a bit... gay.”

“Sod off.” Dill grinned, showing a row of white dough teeth. “You're in my body, remember? You jumped out of yours and ran about in the wiring.”

“Yes. Yes. I remember. Yes.” Sam continued to gaze at the hand. “Why are we here?”

“We escaped from Magelight. Now we're at Harold's gaff and we need to reassemble Orias.”

“Orias?” The head swivelled almost full-circle to regard the laid-out components. “Yes. I fetched it from the college. It will be my glorious new body.”

Harold looked at the components then back at the double-headed golem. It was surprising how quickly one could get used to a nightmare if one talked to it sensibly. “What? A computer?”

“Not just a computer.” Sam showed his nut-brown teeth again. “Every computer.”

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