Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 145.01

“So that's it?” Harold stared at the conglomeration of computer boards and mobile phones. “That's this fantastic computer you've been on about?”

“There's no housing and we haven't got it hardwired into the college security board but essentially, yes.” Dill checked the connections one more time. Without Sam, he'd had to fit everything himself. “I'm pretty sure I got everything in the right place.”

“Pretty sure?” Harold wrinkled his nose. “It doesn't look right.”

“There's only a single microphone...”

“But there's no mouse or keyboard. There's no screen. How could you play a game on it?”

“A game?” Dill shook his head. “This isn't a machine for playing games on. Not your sort of games, anyway. We do need a keyboard and screen, though. Have you got one?”

“There's Julie's upstairs. Mine's at the shop.”

“What's wrong with it?”

“No, it's not in for repair, it's at the bookshop.”

“Right. Sorry. Any chance I could pinch the screen and keyboard from Julie's? She won't be needing it, will she?”

“I suppose not.” Harold's sigh was theatrically loud and accompanied by an droop of the shoulders that would have sent anyone else hurrying for the chiropractor. “Just don't rifle through her documents, please.”

“I don't need the hard drive. Orias already has a ten-terabyte one.”

“Is that big? It sounds big.”

“Not really. Three inches by five or thereabouts, but big enough to do the job ir was designed for.” He flicked some switches and leaned toward the microphone. “Orias? Wake up.”

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