Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 145.02

If Harold was expecting flashing lights and a synthesised computer voice like the one on Star Trek he was disappointed. He hadn't spotted whatever Dill had, but the expression on the golem's face indicated he was pleased by the response.

“Orias? Data mine. Zombies. Dead Men Walking. Cryogenic release. Undead. Cannibalism. Time period...” He looked at Harold.

“Um...It all kicked off when Legion asked me to look into the missing demons last week so... two weeks?”

“Time period of four weeks.” Dill straightened. “We can always go back further.”

“How long will the search take?”

Dill consulted the screen of a mobile phone attached by loose wires and crocodile clips. It was, Harold was discomforted to see, a better model than the one he used himself. “It's already complete. We just need something with a bigger screen to view them on.”

Devious reappeared on cue, the nineteen inch docking station monitor from Julie's laptop in hand. The keyboard was less useful, since all the letters had been rubbed off with use. He placed both items on the desk before looking quizically at Harold.


“I thought the clothing issue was urgent?” Devious jerked his head to one side and Harold suddenly noticed Delirious. The grey imp was carrying a pile of clothes bigger than himself and had all but vanished beneath them.

“It was. Is, I mean.” Harold took the clothes. “How long were you there?”

“About five minutes, Sir.” Delirious tugged at an eye ridge as a sign of deference. “I could see you were busy.”

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