Friday, May 10, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 145.04


“Prices go down, sir. Through the floor in some cases. There are people who wouldn't be seen dead in last season's fashion”

Dill pulled on a pair of Harold's underpants. In other circumstances it might have been something to make an erotic movie about but this wasn't one of them. He must have noticed Harold watching because his penis shrank, folding in on itself like a condom in reverse. He stood, his legs flexing as he adjusted the fit. “So you give the suit to me?”

“Just the jacket. A full suit is too formal for day wear.” Devious flared his nostrils. Besides, people say a lot of stupid things about what they would or wouldn't do if they were dead and when it comes down to it, most people would claw their own granny's eyes out for just another five minutes of existence.”

“I see.” Dill pulled up the trousers, casual slacks the colour of oak leaves in winter. “Whereas I, content with my state of being, am considered fit for last year's fashion.”

“More or less, sir, yes.”

“Then line up the grannies and give me a spoon.”

Harold brushed a speck of lint from the lapel of the Ruby Barron shirt as he passed it to Dill. “A spoon?”

Devious held up a paw to forestall Dill's reply. “Trust me, sir. You don't want to know.”

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