Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 145.05

Harold paled. “Too late. I got the connection.” Something odd struck him as he watched Dill pull the thousand-thread cotton over his torso. “I don't remember you having nipples before.” He turned to Devious. “Did you give him nipples?”

“I don't actually remember, sir.” He held up the trousers for the golem. They were a little large but Harold's third-best belt would take care of the difference. “John?”

“Not me. I would have remembered them but you didn't let me work on his chest. You said I'd put too much oil on it.”

“Actually, I did them myself.” Dill steadied himself against the desk to pull the first trouser leg up. Harold wasn't sure why, because Dill then proceeded to absorb his leg into his pelvis and then regrow it inside the material. It was, he thought, rather like watching a snail retract into its shell, only without the bubbles and the slime. “It felt odd not to have them.”

“And do they work?”


“Are they connected to your pleasure centres?”

“Um...” Dill looked lost. “You know I'm a boy, right?”

“Doesn't matter. Nipples are erogenous zones whatever your gender.” Harold reached across and rubbed the nearest one. “There. Did you feel anything?”

“I'm not sure I'm actually in the mood.” Dill rubbed his chest. “Besides, you squashed it.”

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