Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 145.06

“I wouldn't know, sir, Imps are lucky to survive the hatching.”

“Your lot did all right. You had four.”

“Only because I put some signs up announcing you'd personally demerit any devil or demon who ate one. Imp eggs are quite the commodity among demon circles. I've known an unscrupulous trader or two to hoard imps for the express purpose of breeding them for their eggs.”


“As I said, sir. We're considered a delicacy. We're briefly related to dragons, see? A sort of distant cousin to the great beasts.”

“But dragons are nephilim.” Harold chewed his lip as the implications of this sank in. “Does that mean...”

“Ah, not at all, sir, no. Calling us nephilim would be ridiculous. It'd be like calling West Ham supporters socialists.”

“Really?” Dill, now smartly attired in Harold's third best clothes, attached the monitor to Orais. The screen lit up with a collage of newspaper clippings and video links. “I thought imps were far more intelligent.”

“That's not in dispute. What we're talking about is the relationship between imps and dragons.”

“You were talking about nipples.” Dill turned away from the screen to regard them both. “But neither subject is as important as finding and eradicating any remaining zombies and I'm pleased to say there are no reports of any in the last three days which implies you got them all.”

Devious pointed to his shoulder. “All except you and your other head.”

“But Sam and I are no longer zombies.” Dill returned to the computer and leaned toward the microphone again. “James Hunt, director of Magelight.”

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