Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 146.02

Beryl tutted. “That's not in the officer's handbook. You can't say that in a character description. Besides, what if I were to tell Simon here about the state of your underpants on washing day, eh? That would be a turnaround for you. You wouldn't be able to say someone else smelled of wee then, would you?” She patted his shoulder. “But don't worry. Your incontinence is safe with me.”

White narrowed his eyes at the sergeant, who was studiously watching the Brownian motion of coffee foam on the surface of his drink. “Very droll. Do you know why I love you?”

Beryl smiled. “Why?”

“No, honestly. I'm asking if you know why I love you because I'm damned if I know.”

The oven timer pinged and she rose. “You love me for my cooking. You'll stay for dinner, won't you, Simon? There's plenty.”

“I'd love to, if you don't mind.” Peters grinned. “Janet's out tonight at her evening class so I'd be on my tod with a microwaved meat pie in front of the telly.”

“Sounds divine.” White twisted in his seat. “Have you ever thought about doing an evening course, love?”

“No. What would I do with an evening course.” Beryl pulled out a steaming dish of lasagna from the oven and placed it on a wooden cutting board to protect the Formica counter top. “What does your Janet do?”

“She's doing a Masters degree in Criminal Justice at Portsmouth Uni.”

“Oh? I thinks that's a bit beyond me.” She indicated the series of kitchen drawers behind him. “Would you be a love and get the placemats and cutlery out?”

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