Friday, May 17, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 146.04

“What are you saying?” Beryl's eyes narrowed. “Don't you like my cooking? There's an easy option in that case.” She reached for his plate and he batted her hand away, smiling.

“Quite the opposite, love. You know how much I adore your cooking. I just thought you might enjoy learning a bit more about it. Encourage your passion, that sort of thing.”

“Do you know how much time I spend in this kitchen?”

“Quite a lot, I should think. You make such wonderful dinners.”

“Too long. That's how much. Slaving away to make you breakfast, dinner and tea day in and day out and what thanks do I get? Your frequent visits to burger vans and greasy cafés. You think I don't know but I do.”

“Once in a while, if it's been a long shift...”

“Every day. At least once. And if you don't go yourself you send that pretty little constable in your office.”

“What pretty little constable? We don't have a pretty little constable.”

“She means DC Oswin, sir.” Peters piped up, apparently forgetting he wasn't meant to be included in the conversation. “You sent her out for bacon butties all round last week.”

“Is she in my squad? I didn't realise. I don't think she's very pretty.”

“Just as well, sir. She was going to file a harassment charge only CSI Draycott talked her out of it.”

Beryl's tone dropped. “You've been harassing the WPCs, have you?”

“What?” White looked from her to Peters and back again. “Of course not.”

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