Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 146.05

“He harasses everybody.” Peters grinned as he shovelled food into his mouth. His lips were already stained orange by the e-numbers in the sauce. It made him look like a poorly dressed transvestite, which was a shame, because in White's opinion, Peters would make a lovely cross dresser. “I'm living proof of that. Draycott weeded the wheat from the chaff and discovered she wasn't being singled out, it was just her turn to get the weekly meeting sandwiches.”

“There, you see?” He patted Beryl's hand. “You're the only woman in my life.”

“I still come second to Lady Justice.” She shook off his hand and picked up her knife and for again but chose to make one more point, emphasising it with her fork. “You be careful with how you treat your minions. You're almost at retirement age and they'll be looking for a way to get shot of you.”

“I'm fifty-four. I'm nowhere near retirement age.”

“Too old for promotion, too stuck in your ways to make room for new methods. They'll be looking to get rid, you mark my words. A nice little case of sexual harassment would be just the thing to crowbar you into early retirement and then I'd be stuck with you under my feet all day.”

“Over my dead body will they force me into retirement.”

Peters chased the last bit of mince and cheese around the plate and had to resort to blocking its escape with his knife. “That'd make an opening for a new chief. Someone the squad already looks up to, perhaps. Someone young and ambitious. Someone just about to take his Inspector's exam.”

“Someone who's going to bet booted out of the squad for being cheeky to a superior officer?”

Peters put his cutlery on the plate and pushed it away. “Point taken.”

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