Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 146.06

“When is your Inspector's exam, anyway? Done all your revision?”

“Next month, and pretty much, thanks. There's a few obscure laws I could do with getting my head around, but I'm quietly confidant.”

“You'll do fine.” Beryl picked up his plate and stacked it on top of her own. “Won't he, Cameron?”

“I'm sure.” White was still only half way through his dinner and could already feel the lasagna fighting a pitched battle with the bacon butty in his stomach. He'd have thought that long gne by now. They'd had a run through the woods and a poke about the manor since then. He put down his knife and fork and pushed the plate away. “You'll be fine, Sergeant. Being an inspector is less about the letter of the law and more about the broad interpretation of it. How to deal with potentially explosive situations, keeping your head in an emergency, how good you are at motivating the ranks and he efficiency of paperwork.”

“Right sir, thanks.” Peters pushed back his chair and stood. “Blimey. Is that the time? I'll have to be off, I think. Thanks for the dinner, Mrs White. Smashing.”

“You're welcome love. Call me Beryl. Don't you want to stay for pudding? It's Spotted Dick and custard.”

“Sounds fabulous,, but I'll have to pick Janet up from the station.”

“Well, if you must, you must.” She nudged White. “See him out then.”

“Right, yes, of course.” White stood, feeling the full weight of half a pound of cheese fighting with the three rashers of bacon and two eggs. It was almost as if the cheese was...

“Cameron? Cameron!”

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