Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 147.01

Harold rubbed his eyes and yawned, making a round oo-ee-oo sound until he remembered his manners. “Why are we looking for Jim Hunt again?”

“Because he's possessed. Didn't you want to collect all the demons? Better to have them in Lucy or your demon mistress in there than wreaking havoc around the English countryside, I say.”

“She's gone, at least for the time being. Yes, we need to collect the one inside Hunt but he should be easy to get hold of with a little ingenuity. What we want is any spirits left in decaying mortal bodies. Look for reports of zombies in Laverstone.” He yawned again. “Sorry.”

“No need. You meatballs have to sleep sometime. How long have you been awake?”

Harold looked at the computer but there was no time display in the corner like he was used to. He pulled out his phone instead though the battery was almost discharged, too. “Thirty-eight hours, give or take.”

“You could probably snatch a couple of hours while I search.”

“Yes, I can't say I'm not tempted.”

“Orias? Zombies. Undead. Wiltshire. Two weeks backward.” Dill looked back at Harold. “That's about when they started appearing, yes?”

“Sounds about right.” Harold picked up the wig. “Do you mind? I feel like I'm talking to Morph with your plastic head. Give the illusion, please?”

“If you insist.” Dill inclined his head and allowed Harold to put the wig on and fuss with it until it more or less resembled the Dill he had known if not in life, at least in recent undeath.

“Much better.”

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