Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 147.02

“Much better.”

“Is it? I can't tell.” Dill picked up Harold's tin of peppermints from the dst and turned it over, using the unpainted surface as a makeshift mirror. “It has a similarity to me, I suppose, though it wouldn't fool my mother.”

“Oh dear. I never thought about your family.”

“It's all right. I generally only go to see them once a year, and Christmas isn't for another two hundred and fifty three days. I'm quite sure I will have devised a form more closely approximating my mortal body before then.”

“Let's hope so, but that wasn't really my point. Won't they be advised of your death?”

“In a top secret, government funded private weapons research facility? I very much doubt it, but we can do a search for it and suppress any untoward information.”
“Will that work?”

“I can prevent the notifications appearing in the press or on the internet but what I can't do is prevent anyone actually informing them in person. Short of killing them, obviously, but that remains an option.”

“You'd kill your parents with such little regard?”

“No, I meant the person about to inform them of my death, obviously. Were you always this slow or does it come with age?”

“That's not very pleasant.”

“Isn't it?” Dill shook his head, which looked more like a Pixar animation than the real thing. “You're not a gamer, are you? I thought you were, from the standard of computer you have, but you don't react well to being owned.”


“Please tell me you don't think it's pronounced 'pawned'?” Dill's hollow laugh sounded mechanical, which it was, Harold supposed. “You're such a noob.”

“I preferred you when you were a zombie, I think. You were much nicer.”

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