Friday, May 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 147.04

“Ha, yes! I mean, no.” Harold scowled, aware he was on the butt end of the humour but unsure how he'd got there. “I am most certainly not a necrophile.”

“You're still banging a vampire. You've got a child by her, though I'm not actually certain how that works. How can a vampire gestate a child? Doesn't she go into torpor every day? And how did the foetus get enough nourishment? Blood is one thing, but an embryo meeds more than protein and oxygen to form. Where did all the nutrients come from? The calcium?”

“” Harold flung up his arms in exasperation. “It was magic, all right? You do believe in magic, don't you?”

“If you'd asked me a see ago I'd have said no, but there isn't really room for me to be a doubting Thomas when I owe my continued existence to a rather unique blends of magic and religion.” He paused. “Hey, does that mean the Bible was right all along?”


“We should stone gay people and cut off our enemy's foreskins?”

“And no.” Harold drew a hissing breath through his teeth. “God exists and Satan and Lucifer and everybody else but the Word of God got a little distorted along the way. The best way to control someone is to say 'God wills it such-and-such a way' so if you personally want to take over a city where homosexuality is a natural exression of love, you have your priests condemn it and then your followers have to go along with it or be branded heretics.”

“Makes a lot of sense, actually.” Dill sniffed, though it had to be an affectation because Harold knew there was nothing in his body that could produce mucus. “So are all the religions true, or just the one you support?”

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