Monday, May 27, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 147.07

Harold looked at him a bit oddly, wondering if the imp was being serious. How did he feel about the idea of being eaten after he was dead? Assuming the imp meant after he was dead. He tried to focus on what Dill was saying. Something about cross-realities.

“...and your god would be a demon to them?”

“I can't say.” The imp ran his long, grey tongue across his teeth. “Seeing as I don't believe they're anything but allies in the war against Heaven.”

“Allies? Is that how they see you?”


“Only it seems to me that when you try to lure their believers into your belief system you're not doing them any favours. How do you feel when, say, someone converts from Christianity to Buddhism?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“What they really believe in. To take your example, someone may convert to Buddhism, believe in it, follow its tenets and precepts and be kind to all living thing including the mosquitoes and bot flies that find mortals so enticing but, deep down, in their heart of hearts, if they believe in life after death instead of reincarnation then we have them by the short and curlies.”

“So the bottom line is, if someone believes in Heaven and Hell, that's where they go?”

“Exactly. Except for the heaven bit. Nobody goes there.”

“Nobody goes to Heaven?”

“Of course not. Not until the end of the world when Big J comes to collect the faithful, and even then only the ones who were buried. It says right there in the bible, the souls will rise from their graves. There's nothing about 'reconstructed from the ashes scattered in the garden of remembrance at the local crem.”

“Fascinating.” Dill returned to the screen. “Back to work, though. Three reports of zombies to check out. Not too bad for an epidemic, eh?”

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