Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 148.03

Beryl pressed a hand firmly to his chest. “All of which can be left in the capable hands of Sergeant Peters.”

“But he doesn't have the connections...”

“I'm quite sure he knows everyone you know.” Beryl pulled up a plastic hospital chair and reached for his hand. “It won't hurt for one day, will it? Perhaps being without your guiding hands he can pursue avenues of investigation that would otherwise be left unexplored.”

“That sounds like something the Chief would say.”

“Well perhaps I'm not as daft as I'm cabbage looking.”

“There is that. You are my favourite brassica.” White squeezed her hand. “I didn't mean people connections, anyway. I meant...” He used his free hand to tap his temple. “Conections in the brain. He doesn't have the experience yet to see the big picture, the spider web of patterns and correlations.”

“He can't be that bad if he's sitting his inspector's exam.”

“Oh, he'll pass that. He's bright, all right, though don't you let on I said so. I shall miss him.”

“Miss him? Why?”

“He'll be transferred to uniform division. He can't be a DI until he's been an I.”

“You'll find another lad worthy of your tutelage.” She patted his hand. “Perhaps that young WPC you had your eye on.”

“I did not 'have my eye on her' as you so delicately put it. That was the trouble, I think. I treated her the same as the others.” He frowned. “And you're not allowed to call the WPCs any more. They're police officers, just the same as the lads.”

“Still, you've other sergeants.”

“Sergeant Wilde. She's a strange one. Stares into space sometimes. Miles away. Then has some flash of insight into a case and cracks it wide open on a hunch. Clever, but she has t be careful to follow the evidence.
“Perhaps you could take her under your wing.”

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