Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 148.05

It would take some research and a goodly amount of belief in a religion that had all but died out thanks to the iron sandal of Christianity but it might work. Was Native American shamanism a religion or a spirituality? He'd have to talk to Jasfoup about it. Out of Dill's hearing, obviously, because although he could probably trust the golem and even engage his interest about the possibility, he couldn't risk Sam getting wind of his plan to 'off' the golem's passenger. If it would even work, which it probably wouldn't. He cleared his throat. “Could you build another of these if you needed to?”

Dill didn't even look round. “Probably, though Sam's the real hardware genius. He rewired the main board somehow. I could probably duplicate it if I studied the original for long enough but you're better off talking to Sam. He's a Hardware Surgeon.”

Harold shuddered. The way Dill had said 'Hardware Surgeon' gave him goosebumps, as if an echo of the future had become rooted in the now. He could imaging a army of golem soldiers, all with miniaturised Oriases in their heads and one man, one golem, leading them to domination over the puny humans, wiping away angel and demon alike in their relentless, immortal march. He took a deep breath. “And just out of interest, is it permanently connected to the world? Could you isolate it if you needed to?”

“Why would you need to? I wrote Orias's software, remember? His search algorithms run through hundreds of randomly assigned nodes. He can't be traced. Not with anything anyone else has got, anyway.”

“Are you sure?” Harold looked at the supercomputer again. It looked less like something from StarTrek and more like something from the 1933 version of Frankenstein. “Other countries have geniuses too.”

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