Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 148.06

“It's possible, I suppose.” Dill turned back to the computer. “Orias? Trace. Supercomputers. Worldwide.” With all the improvements, Harold would have expected at least a few flashing lights of a hamster in a wheel but all the computer produced was a screen rapidly filing with information and links. “No. No. No.” Dill dismissed each report almost as fast as it appeared, his fingers as fast as his brain capacity. “You see? People use the term 'supercomputer' willy nilly. They call anything a supercomputer if it's got just a little bit more power than the last one. I mean, look at the Cray. A computer the size of parliament now superceded by the mobile phone in your pocket.”

“That reminds me. I must put mine on charge. I usually do it when I go to bed but life was a bit hectic yesterday.”

“Yes, I was there.”

“So was everybody else. Everybody who was born, anyway. I expect there are a few thousand people who didn't witness yesterday.”

“Pchaw.” Dill snorted the observation away. “Nothing on supercomputers.”

“No, of course not. People aren;t going to advertise they've built a semi-sentient computer, are they?”

“Of course they would. There's one in Osaka that's learning to recognise objects. That was all over the news. Orias can recognise people, trawl the internet and put names and histories to them and tell them how they like their coffee.”

“That's impressive.”


“But would yours come up in someone else's search?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why do you expect theirs to come up in yours?”

“Orias is the pinnacle of computer technology.”

“Only because you don't know of any others.”


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