Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 148.08

“Will you?”

“No.” Dill pursed his lips until he resembled an obscene piece of confectionery. “Can you imagine what would happen if golem immortality came to masses? Open warfare between the golems and the mortals. Nuclear war, probably, since the only way to destroy us would be to blow us up. We'd utilise biological weapons in order to rid the world of them. We could poison the crops since we have no need of food. Poison the air since we don't breathe. All we need is power to run our machines. Power to make other golems and robots to mine for minerals and oil. While I think a small investment made now would grow exponentially in my infinite lifetime, if there were no mortals the economy would collapse entirely and what good would that do?”

He took the three paces necessary to cross the room and patted Harold awkwardly on the shoulder. “No, my friend. Golemhood should remain a jealously guarded secret. The old necromancers knew that well enough. I'm surprised your friend Manny didn't realise the trouble he was storing up for himself. An army of slave golems? I can't see that working out for the good.”

“But if we could save people from untimely deaths...”

“Which people? Kids with terminal diseases? Soldiers? Politicians who just need another five years in office? Or Ten, or a hundred. Where does it end?” Dill returned to the computer screen. “And what about the religious? Boxing them into immortality denies them a chance of Heaven. Orr Hell, depending on their inclination. Would you be the cause of that?”

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